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          be動詞一般現在時的否定句 句型:主語+be動詞的一般現在時(am,is,are)+not+…,例:
          肯定句:I am afraid of dogs.
          否定句:I am not afraid of dogs.
          肯定句:She is a good teacher.
          否定句:She is not a good teacher.
          肯定句:They are in the park.
          否定句:They are not in the park.
          一般疑問句的結構 句型:Be動詞的一般現在時(Am/Is/Are)+主語+…..?,例:
          1. Am I flying a kite? Yes, you are. / No, you aren’t
          2. Is she reading books? Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t
          3. Are they doing their homework? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t
          一般疑問句的回答 在回答由be動詞構成的一般疑問句時,要用Yes或No,句型如下:
          肯定回答Yes, 主語+be動詞 否定回答No, 主語+be動詞+not,例:
          A: Is your key on the table? B: Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t
          A: Are you at home? B: Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.
          be動詞一般現在時的特殊疑問句 1.特殊疑問句的結構,句型:疑問句+be動詞+主語+….? 例:
          What is this? 這是什么?
          What are they? 他們是干什么的?
          Who is he? 他是誰?
          What is the time now? 現在幾點了?
          It is 7 o’clock. 7點鐘了。
          There be句型 There is a school there. (那里有一所學校。)
          1.There be句型的用法:
          There be句型表示“某地(場所)有/存在某物”,它的基本用法見下表:
          主語 句型
          單數可數名詞 There is+單數可數名詞+表示場所的詞或短語
          不可數名詞 There is+不可數名詞+表示場所的詞或短語
          復數名詞 There are+復數名詞+表示場所的詞或短語
          There is a pineapple there. (那兒有一個菠蘿。)
          There is some juice in the cup. (杯子里還有一些果汁。)
          There are many eggs in the kitchen. (廚房里有很多雞蛋。)
          2.There be句型的否定句與疑問句:
          There be句型的否定句是在be的后面加not。例:
          There is not a computer on the desk. (桌子上沒有電腦。)
          There are not any students in the playground. (操場上沒有學生。)
          There be句型的一般疑問句是將be調到there的前面。例:
          Is there a computer on the desk? (桌子上有電腦嗎?)
          Are there any students in the playground? (操場上有學生嗎?)
          3.There be句型的特殊疑問句是在其一般疑問句前加相應的疑問詞。例:
          A:How much water is there in the bottle? (墨水瓶里有多少墨水?)
          B:There is a little. (有一點兒了)
          A:How many people are there in your family? (你們家有幾口人?)
          B:There are five. (有五口人)
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