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          China is a great old country that has more than five thousand years' history. Its culture has influenced the world, such as the great educator Confucius. His thought is popular around the world. As the time went by, some old traditions have been kept all the time though they are not suitable in today’s situation.中國是一個有著五千多年歷史的偉大古國。它的文化對全世界都有著影響,比如偉大的教育家孔子,他的思想受到世界各地的歡迎。但隨著時間的流逝,一些舊的傳統雖然并不適合現在的社會但也一直保留著。
          Holding wedding would be a great thing for the new couple, but sometimes the old traditions make the wedding an unhappy memory. For example, in order to make the wedding lively, the best men always figure out some funny ways to play jokes on the bridesmaids, such as throwing these girls into the swimming pool. This is not a joke, but a rude behavior. The more ridiculous tradition is the groom’s father kiss the bride. Everybody was shocked by this farce. If the tradition is out of date, then it should be removed.舉行婚禮對于新人來說是一件很美妙的事,但有時舊的傳統會給婚禮帶來不愉快的記憶。例如,為了使婚禮熱鬧,伴郎總是想出一些有趣的方法來戲弄伴娘,比如把這些女孩扔進游泳池。這不是玩笑,而是一種粗魯的行為。更荒謬的傳統是新郎的父親親吻新娘。大家都被這個鬧劇震驚了。如果傳統是過時的,那么就應該移除。
          Most people are educated to keep the tradition, showing the respect to their ancestors. It is time to think about whether some old traditions are deserved to be reminded, if not, then removed.大多數人都受過教育為了展示他們對祖先的尊敬要保留傳統。是時候考慮有些古老的傳統是否值得保留,如果不值得,那么就該扔掉。
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